What do we do

In creating a comfortable environment, the designer has imagined the embellishment and differentiation of spaces, associating them with function and importance.

Since ancient times, rock art has been used to decorate the social environment by narrating the tribe’s deeds to transmit facts and knowledge. Then, with time, these decorations took on a private and public role, refining and differentiating the techniques and materials used, creating wall paintings and tapestries, modeling more or less geometric or decorative shapes in stone and mortar, or applying simple or decorated wood paneling.

During our years of apprenticeship and training, we realized that the professions of conservator and restorer can go hand in hand and that the techniques learned and the sensitivity acquired can be excellently applied both in restoration and in creating unique pieces for the most demanding customers. At the same time, we understood that the power of precision and competitiveness over quality is essential and cannot be the responsibility of a single person, which is why, in our workshop, several professionals rotate. We employ master artisans to offer the end customer the most evocative and complete experience possible, meeting their needs promptly and effectively.

We can guarantee punctuality, quality, and seriousness in every job, which is the hallmark of our workshop, so your antique furniture can be given a new life or preserved unchanged on its long journey through the centuries.

We can also make a faithful copy of the furniture you like, revive an antique piece of furniture, decorate your home with gilding and lacquering, and make stylish decorations, trompe l’oeil, and faux wall hangings.

Fixed furnishings

Movable furnishings


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