Several private commissions have marked the work, professionalism, and passion of Jasch and Orolacche since 2000. In addition to historical residences in his Turin, such as Palazzo Cotti di Brusasco and Villa Cairoli, he has many valuable restorations in private homes in Milan, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Arezzo, Monte Carlo, Paris, London, Moscow, Tunis, and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in the Royal Palace.

Orolacche is a snapshot of a different cultural and practical view of craftsmanship in search of ancient techniques and local knowledge.


Jasch’s educational background has also led Orolacche to significant restorations in public commissions. In addition to technical consultancy on several international sites in Russia and North Africa, the company has carried out restorations at the Accorsi-Ometto Museum, Palazzo Reale, Teatro Gobetti, Teatro Stabile di Torino, and the Diocese of Turin.

In the Vanchiglia workshop, between gilding, lacquering, wood restoration, frescoes, and paintings, small and large works of art take shape and enamel and are brought back to life.

Orolacche represents a practical and conceptual vision of craftsmanship made with passion, the search for ancient techniques, and the uniqueness of service by offering an understanding of Made in Italy and local knowledge.

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